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Accelerating  admixture for unreinforced cement concrete /mortar


PERRYSET W is supplied as ayellowish liquid. When added to cementitious mixes it accelerates hydration and enables the water content to perform more efficiently by dispersing agglomerated cement particles.This further improves strength by enabling water reduction to be made at constant workability. Where there is embedded or prestressed steel,or where suphate resistant cement is used or when steam curing is employed, PERRYSET W should be replaced by PERRYSET NCL chloride free accelerating concrete admixture.

PERRYSET W ideal.for providing incre4ased resistance to frost damage during and after construction of hollow blocks.ideal for block making.use of PERRYSET W reduces the damage in transportation of Blocks.PERRYSET W is an accelerating admixture that enhances the early strength of concrete.


PERRYSET W is an effactive and econimical accelerating admixture for use in cold weather concreting applications. Cold temperature may slow down the hydration process and may damage the hardened concrete properties if not treated properly. The slower hydration process can be overcommended for use in prestresswed concrete, post tensioned concrete hollow block manufacturering can be used for P.C.C.work, blocks and concrete bricks.


  • Increase early strength gain allows earlier structural use and speeds completion time
  • Saves time and money by allowing faster finishing and stripping of concrete formwork.
  • Accelerates the hardeinng of floors and screeds.
  • Resistant to freezing in cold weather concreting.
  • Insulation and heating costs during curing time are reduced.
  • Earlier stripping and reuse of forms increases labor productivity.
  • Accelerated strength gain.


PERRYSET W complies with BS 5075 Part 1 and ASTM C494, Type C.


Physical Appearance   : Yellowish liquid

Air entrainment           : Less then 1%

Compatibility               : compatible with ordinary and repid hardening  portland cement but not high alumina or sulphate resisting cements

Setting times               : Typical results using PERRYSEY W are given below at 30°c.

Trial Mix                        W/Cration               IST                            FST

Control                          0.55                        4 hours                       6 hours

PERRYPLAST W             0.55                      1hrs.45min.               3hrs.30min.


Add the correct amount of PERRYSET W at the concrete plant.The  admixture may be added manually or into the water the batch plant.


SAYSET W is supplied in 1,5,10,50,100 and 200 litre drums.


To accelerate set times dosage at the rate of 600ml.to 1500ml./50kgs. Of cement is recommended.the optimum dosage rate should be determined by site trial.